Makayla Class of 2021

Oooohhhh man! If I didn’t have a few come back to earth moments during this gorgeous girl’s shoot. My first one happened when I saw this little dress she was wearing. I was soooo close to asking where she got it. I knew it should be mine. I could already see myself walking in the flowers wearing it. Then I remembered I am over 40. Pretty sure that’s no longer legal for me to wear. Then I caught myself thinking I was On Fire this shoot. Her hair, her skin was looking amazing in every shot. I was finding just the right light every time. That thought was quickly followed by hmmmm…could it be that she’s just a drop dead gorgeous girl with the skin of an 18 year old who is workin the camera like it’s her job?? Well Makayla thank you for the several humbling moments I had during your shoot! lol. You were a rock star as per usual. Enjoy your senior year!!

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