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Welcome to the hardest page in the world! The "about me” stuff is a serious challenge, to say the least. I am just a girl who loves to take pictures. Who thinks that a camera is among the best inventions of all time - right up there with indoor plumbing and pie. What else is out there that can take you right back to a moment? When I see pictures of my babies I am instantly right back there. I can smell their little newborn heads and feel their tiny squishy bodies while I held them. I am enveloped by the intensity and enormity that is the love of a new parent. When I look at pictures of my wedding day I can feel the excitement and nervousness of seeing him in my wedding dress for the first time. I remember how it felt dancing in his arms to our song in the middle of the dance floor while he quietly sang the words to me. When I see an old photo of me with my grandparents when they were still with us I remember. I can hear her laugh and see his eyes light up the time we surprised him with a surprise road trip visit. As time moves on and memories start to fade photos bring it all back.


There are a million photographers out there. I hope you find the one that is the right fit for you. If I had to say why that might be me…I’m one that has been doing this for over ten years now and still gets excited to be there and emotional when you dance with your parents at the reception. I still get so excited to see his face when he sees you for the first time. But my years of experience help you to feel confident that I know how to handle all that comes with a wedding day. I know what to do with rainy days, dark reception halls, and demanding timelines. There are a lot of good photographers out there. I think my strength lies in anticipating and catching the little moments. I will get you that look at the camera and smile shot that every mom and grandma would kill me dead for not getting. But I will also be looking for the in-between moments. The time he whispers something to you that makes you laugh. The tears your mom sheds while your dad gives the speech. When he shows you his crazy socks he wore to surprise you. The extra kiss no one was planning. Those are the moments. Let me help you remember them.


As far as the girl behind the camera? I had to dig out a picture of me that is several years old because as much as I love to be behind the camera I super dislike being in front of it. At least by myself. At the risk of making myself sound 100 years old, I don’t really get the whole selfie movement. But I do love my family, pretty much all baked goods, my little dog Peanut, and traveling. Not always in that order;). And I love my job. So grateful to be able to capture all of your moments! Can’t wait to meet you:)



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