Misco and Natalie are married!

Naturally being a wedding photographer I love all the beauty, tradition, celebration, and ceremony that comes with a wedding. But if this whole pandemic has taught me anything it is to appreciate the little things. The ones that were the big things all along. A few months ago Natalie messaged me, concerned about all of her wedding plans. They were wondering if any of it would be able to happen. But that was quickly followed by, “if not we will find a courthouse that day and still get married”. That’s it. The important thing is they wanted to be married. They would get married whatever the circumstances. Luckily for Misco and Natalie almost all of their plans went on as planned. And we all got to enjoy of the ceremony and tradition of their day. But that kind of determination won’t soon be forgotten. Not by me. And my wish is not by them either. For all of their years to come.

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