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a moment in time


kind words from

From the beginning when we were planning our wedding, Corey & I decided that one of the most important components would be our photographer. The pictures are what would remain even as the memories faded. Luckily, we found what we were looking for and so much more when we were introduced to Katrina. From our very first meeting, I could tell that she would go above and beyond trying to make our day special, by even scheduling us two days later for an engagement shoot while Corey was still home on leave. That would turn out to be what I consider one of the best days during wedding planning. The trust we built with Katrina then, carried me on, especially on the wedding day when at times I relied on her for a comedic break in the midst of the rush. It might seem silly to appreciate our wedding photographer the way I do, but Katrina made my wedding and engagement photos beautiful works of art, all the while making it be such a fun, comfortable, and most importantly, memorable experience.Words cannot express how very thankful I am for all that youve done for us,Elizabeth