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a moment in time



For me, there is not much better in the world than being behind my camera - or much worse than being in front of it! That's why I procrastinated and created this page last... and why I chose to share some of the spotlight with my hubbie and my kids. I like to think all of my contradictions make me interesting. I am a diabetic who loves all things dessert related, thrive on challenge but dislike change, and love my husband like crazy even though he tends to drive me crazy! I believe vacation with my children...and without them is a gift from God. Lucky for me I have the two most lovable kids in the world and that is my completely unbiased opinion! My favorite part of photography is capturing moments that make my heart full! I am so fortunate to be able to be a small part of people's life stories. I cannot wait to meet you and capture the moments you never want to forget...

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